Continuous Hanger™  for new installation

Through its unique patented design, T-Rex® helps create a unified structure that resists bending and twisting. T-Rex® makes the gutters 50% stronger than traditional fasteners such as spikes or hangers.The T-Rex continuous fastening system can support 250 lb. per linear foot, it’s more than the weight of three men at the same time!

The T-Rex® comes with a lifetime warranty on its sturdiness and materials.

  • ► Keeps gutters solidly in place
  • ►  Stops ice and snow from getting into gutters
  • ►  Lets water through during winter thaws
  • ►  UV barrier protects the sealant, eliminating corner leaks
  • ►  Stops leaves and debris from collecting
  • ►  Won’t rust or chip
  • ►  Invisible from the ground
  • ►  Drains 3 times more water through during heavy rain