We are an Eavestrough Installation Company

In 2004 Squares Seamless opened up for business offering services in vinyl siding, soffit and fascia, Windows, doors, and aluminum railings. Eavestrough work was subbed out in order to be able to offer a full exterior package. After two years I was unable to find an Eavestrough Installation Company which would install a new rain gutter system with the care and precision I knew was necessary.


How Squares Seamless Inc was Born

In 2006 the first eavestrough machine was purchased. After three years of gathering experience, I was scheduled so heavy with eavestrough installations that I was no longer able to make time for any other work.

Today, we are one of the … Eavestrough Installations … Only, Companies out there and installing rain gutters is my only service. So you know, even before picking up the phone, customer satisfaction is going to be my top priority.

Many clients, over the years, have called me to troubleshoot gutter problems on their homes. During inspections, I have been able to see why some systems fail and how to modify my methods to not fail in the same way. I have developed simple techniques and protocols which ensure all of my work drains completely and the corners never leak.

As a result rarely, if ever, do I receive a call to service the work I have done. You can see our Reviews in Google on our Facebook Busines Page I do one thing and I do it well.


When it rains, it drains!

Eavestrough Installation Company

Gerhard Taves

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